It’s a Brum Ting

We are a youth-led business, providing unique products for tourists visiting Birmingham, young people and other residents who can take pride of our wonderful city.

We met at the local youth club, free@last, and were given the opportunity to earn some money making jewellery, and then selling it on a market stall. The buzz of making our own products and earning our own money gave us the incentive to start our own business and take control of our own futures. We have had a great deal of support from many local business people and from the Martin James Foundation, who have enabled us to develop the skills to run Brum Ting™.

We hope you enjoy our products and being involved in our journey. Thank you.

Who we are

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We are a CWG 2022 United Project

The role of the community programme is to recognise projects that are delivered by grass-roots organisations that are having a positive impact on the communities that they serve across a diverse range of subjects. Brum Ting has been recognised as a project that has a positive impact, so by being involved with us, and buying our products, you are having a positive impact too.


Our journey to start our own business began when we were aged 13 to 15. We have only been successful because of the amazing support from a few business men and women, helping us to learn and evolve our business skills. We are very happy to share our journey with you, so if you want to know more, or if you would like to find out more about buying bulk items, working with us or even starting your own Ting, then please email us at:

or call 07971000598